What’s our purpose?

Mission & Vision

By the will of Allah, we aim to be the leading Muslim school system in Ontario, a cherished sanctuary for students & staff, an indispensable pillar for our community, a beacon of brilliance for the North. Through our school, we aspire to nourish creative & curious minds, spark passions of iman & goodness, create ambassadors of truth & patience, cultivate amazing humans & prophetic characters, and prepare them for prosperity in both this life & the next.

What motivates us?

Values & Inspiration

For the sake of Allah, we hope to provide a much-needed, much-requested, premier faith-based educational experience for the 300-500 children (and their parents) who form the backbone of Thunder Bay’s booming Muslim population of doctors, lawyers, engineers, accountants, pharmacists, students, professors, tradesmen, government officials, politicians, workers, and other key professionals in a whole host of critical industrial sectors.

“If Allah intends goodness for someone, He gives him understanding of the religion.” ~ Bukhari & Muslim