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Our Approach to Talent

We embrace a partnership-based hiring philosophy, based on mutual respect, staff empowerment, and a commitment to deliver an exceptional educational experience at our premier elementary academy.

Hiring Philosophy
Pursuit of Excellence

We are committed to an organization wide pursuit of excellence through our comprehensive staff training & development strategy designed to propel all team members to become life-long learners and support them in their individual journeys of growth & achievement.

As a valuable team member, you will play a vital role in imparting academic knowledge and fostering a deep understanding of Islamic principles, teachings, and values among our students. You will contribute to the spiritual & moral development of young minds while promoting a positive and inclusive learning environment.

What positions are available?

Our Openings

If you’re passionate about joining the team at our premier faith-based elementary school,  we encourage you to apply by clicking the link below.  Each role has unique qualifications & responsibilities, and at the same time, there are many overlaps. The hiring committee will take a holistic approach to looking at resumes while considering what is required.  All positions require a successful completion of a Police Records, Background and Vulnerable Sector Check.

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