• Role: Director of Academic Studies

Dr. Mohannad Al-Mousa's unwavering dedication to education, community service, and religious advocacy is exemplified through his dual roles as the Director of Educational Studies at the Thunder Bay district school board and an active board member of the Thunder Bay Muslim Religious Association. His profound commitment to religion and cultural awareness has resulted in the establishment and leadership of numerous community events, such as Eid celebrations, open houses, and engaging activities for children. These initiatives have not only fostered a sense of unity within the Muslim community but have also positively impacted the broader Thunder Bay community.

As a community leader, Dr. Al-Mousa actively engages with various organizations, providing invaluable support and guidance. His visionary leadership and pursuit of excellence continue to leave a lasting impact on the lives of children, parents, and community members. Through his roles, he has become an indispensable asset to both the education sector and the Thunder Bay Muslim community, working tirelessly to create an inclusive and supportive environment for all. Dr. Al-Mousa's passion, dedication, and transformative initiatives have earned him the respect and admiration of those he serves, making him a true beacon of positive change in the Thunder Bay community.